Rebekah Sherman - VP of Marketing
Working with Cortex Creative has been a pleasure. In a market that is ever-changing, we have relied on Cortex Creative to guide us. They have their finger on the pulse of new trends and technology. Incredible design sense, quick and easy development mixed with great people, what a combination!

Delivering a powerful message using powerful technology

For the past eight years, Cortex has been proud to work with Cabi, a Los Angeles based women’s fashion company whose goal of empowering women has always been at the core of their company’s mission. Their mission became our mission as we developed a full website, iOS, application, created motion graphics for their bi-annual “scoop” fashion show, produced videos for “The Heart of CAbi Foundation, designed and implemented proprietary digital invitations and developed an e-blast system. No matter the medium, there has always been one central theme, empowering women to look and feel confident. Cortex is honored to play an integral role in conveying this powerful message to their community. To date, Cortex has aided CAbi in the distribution of over $44 Million in clothing as well as 6,110 small business loans.

The CAbi business model consists of having consultants and hostess creating trunk shows and selling to friends. Since they are required to sell anywhere they are at the time and CAbi doesn’t have brick and mortar locations, having the newest looks available to show at all times was key. Our team developed a native iOS application that did just that. The solution allowed for the complete catalog of styles to be browsed, liked, shared and more. An added feature was the ability to dress a mannequin with the styles. Pairing any items you want shows you how the items will look together as well as calculates full outfit pricing.

The application was a huge success with customers garnering a 4.9 on the app store.

Numbers Don’t Lie


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