Raj Chand - President, VEMA
When we needed two new websites for our small business, the Cortex Creative team quickly transformed our vision into reality. They consolidated our ideas and requirements, made appropriate recommendations based on our unique needs, and delivered an outstanding product. Throughout the entire process, the Cortex Creative team combined their eye for design with their focus on strategic planning, ensuring that the project was done right the first time. As a non-technical client, we appreciated that their deep technical knowledge was always apparent but never overwhelming. Their transparency, responsiveness, and deliverables exceeded all of our expectations. Our websites are a key part of our business and they are vital to our long-term future—Cortex Creative helped make them a success.

Shocking VEMA's Brand Back to Life

Virginia Emergency Medicine Associates (VEMA) had a problem –a major problem. Their website was created to help recruit talented doctors, but the design made it difficult for potential candidates to apply directly. Instead, users were sent to a 3rd party site to view and apply for jobs, and the last thing you want to do is direct people away from your page. After sitting down with the VEMA team and learning more about their target audience, Cortex designed and developed a full new user experience with a new content strategy that greatly simplified the recruiting process. Utilizing the CatsOne API, we generated an application within VEMA’s own site that makes applying for a job seamless and easy to follow. This new integration better represents VEMA’s identity by relating to the audience what it means to be a VEMA employee and why they should want to work there. By speaking the users language with our full new content strategy we were able to increase engagement on all aspects of the site. Our solution has lead to increased traffic by nearly double, increased user session time by 30%, and increased job applications as a result.

Numbers Don’t Lie


Longer avg. engagement


Increase in monthly users

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